Remote Jobs for College Students and How to Find Them

Renee Layberry
May 4, 2021

Many college students juggle part-time work while attending school. The money from summer jobs and part-time work during the year helps pay for everything from college tuition to everyday living expenses.    Sometimes off-campus jobs don’t give you enough time to be able to get your classes. Traveling to and from work can also eat into time better spent studying. For these reasons, a remote job can be the best route for your college years.   In fact, working from home has been gaining popularity recently. With the pandemic, many jobs once held at an office or other work site are now remote. The trend benefits both employers and employees and will likely increase in the future.    We’ve created this guide to help you better understand remote work and which types of remote jobs are available to college students.  

Remote jobs are the future

With technology that allows you to log directly into a corporate system and communicate and collaborate with customers, vendors, and teams, via face-to-face meeting platforms, it’s easy to see how many types of jobs would be moving towards fully remote positions in the future.   In addition to saving on overhead, remote jobs allow companies to take advantage of skilled employees who may live in different states. They can build the team they want from anywhere in the country – or the world. People who work remotely can take advantage of a better work-life balance, some even working from abroad or traveling while they work.   Because of this trend towards remote working, try to get some experience with the programs and processes that are typically used by remote offices. These are probably tools you already use, like screen sharing and video conferencing as well as cloud store, remote desktop software and mobile hotspots.   Photo by Mohamed Hassan

Are remote jobs hard to get?

In any job, remote or on the ground, employers are looking for people with experience. For remote jobs, that required job experience might not be enough – the company might also want someone who has worked remotely before.   Because of this, it can be a little more complicated and take more effort to land a remote job without experience. Remote workers work independently, so employers will often look for those with a proven track record so that they do not have to micromanage their employees or provide extra support.   Remember to use a functional resume when applying. The remote skills you developed when the pandemic forced schools to go online can be very helpful now. Make sure you include the remote software and any apps you used to complete assignments, group projects, and essays.    Another reason that remote jobs may be harder to get is the fact that there are not as many offered as traditional jobs. While the number of people who work remotely has grown by 400% over the last decade, these jobs often start as hybrid positions with a few days in the office and the rest of the days remote. Fully remote jobs are still limited, especially for those with less experience.   Photo by Tiffany Loyd

How to find remote jobs on LinkedIn

When you are looking for remote jobs, work platforms like LinkedIn can help. Employers can look at your profile to see if you’re the right candidate for the position.   To start, create a professional, detailed profile. Be sure to show off your education and include skills that would be valuable to a remote work environment plus your work history. Finish your profile with a professional headshot.   To find a remote job on LinkedIn, type “remote” in the work search line. You can drill down by adding the job title (e.g. “support engineer”) or something more general (e.g. “sales). To make sure you’re not wasting your time, select your criteria under the “All filters” tab. You can choose to look only for remote part-time jobs at the internship or entry-level that have been posted in the past week and have under 10 applicants.  

Which remote jobs are in high demand?

While there are remote jobs available in almost any field and industry, most require that you have already completed your degree and have some entry-level experience. There are, however, many that will don’t have those requirements. These jobs are in high demand and can be great for part-time work while you’re still in school. They include:
  • customer service representative
  • graphic designer
  • sales representative
  • software developer
  • tech support representative
  • tutor
  • data entry

Which remote jobs pay the best for college students?

High paying remote work jobs tend to require both graduate degrees and relevant work experience. Still, there are online jobs that pay well and align with the education and experience level that most college students have. These include:
  • virtual assistant
  • customer service representative
  • web designer or programmer
  • writer or blogger
  • social media manager
  • English as a Second Language teacher
  Photo by imgix

What are the best sites to search for remote jobs?

There are many online sites to search for remote jobs, though some may not be as reliable as others. For many people, the best avenue is through professional social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, which can double as a job finding site and a professional network.   Other websites that offer access to remote job applications include:
  • Flexjobs: This is a paid service ($6.95 to try for one week), but it boasts lower levels of competition and curates jobs that fit your profile. You’ll be sent notifications when work is available in your area of expertise.
  • We Work Remotely: This free site features more professional level career remote work options. Enter “part-time intern” in the search bar and browse.
  • Remote OK: They feature remote work opportunities. Filter your search to specific job types, including non tech, digital nomad, marketing, and customer support. You can get relevant job postings sent to your email address or social media accounts.
  • UpWork: This site offers a certain number of free applications a month and also offers skills testing to help employers see what skills you can bring to their company.
  • You can make eight bids each month on this site, without paying. It is a bidding system but also allows for milestone payments on larger projects.
  • Guru: One of the larger remote work platforms, Guru features a robust filter, allowing you to better drill down on the opportunities you are looking for.

Entry-level remote work jobs

Entry-level remote jobs have more competition than those that require experience, but there are still many opportunities. One is the job of virtual assistant. This job requires you to provide day-to-day assistance for a professional, such as managing their appointments, fielding calls, or handling paperwork.   Another entry-level job is data entry. The only requirement here is to be able to type and to have experience with spreadsheet software. You may also find entry-level positions available in sales that involve cold calling and pay on a commission level basis.   While looking for remote work that pays a livable wage can require a little bit of effort with limited skills, it can be a great way for college students to make money while enjoying a flexible schedule that can allow them to complete their studies. Just beware of scams and always seek out work on legitimate sites. Remember if it is too good to be true, odds are it is.