New Employment Opportunities in COVID-Impacted World: A Comprehensive Report

Samuel Johns
Mar 17, 2021

In its U.S. Employment Report: Job Hunting in the Time of Coronavirus, online job-seeker resource provider ResumeGenius reports that since mid-March — when COVID-19 first began affecting the country — its web traffic has fallen by 53%. This steep drop indicates that people aren't seeking work at the same rate as they were prior to the pandemic.    This decline may seem somewhat counter-intuitive given the high unemployment rate we're facing as a country. It makes more sense when you dig into the data. People who have recently lost their jobs are busy filing for unemployment and possibly caring for their loved ones. Individuals fortunate enough to still have jobs want to hold onto them. They have chosen to ride out the economic turmoil rather than look for new work.   It’s a scary time to be unemployed. Nevertheless, job seekers should remain optimistic about finding a new job soon. In support of that, the ResumeGenius employment report highlights industries offering thousands of jobs as of May 2020, including some opportunities specifically intended to support individuals affected by COVID-19.   This employment report also provides job-hunting advice for people who want to socially distance or are seeking stay-at-home employment. These options include freelance work opportunities and other remote positions. The report also lists free resources meant to help job seekers land their coveted position.   Learn more about the state of job-seeking in the U.S., as well as employment opportunities in the post-COVID-19 world, by reading this comprehensive coronavirus employment report.

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