Home Workouts Without Weights: A Guide on Where to Find Bodyweight Workouts

Becca Cornell
May 4, 2021

We work out for a variety of reasons: to lose weight, gain endorphins, support our mental health, relieve stress, stay fit for athletics and, let's not forget, because we just plain enjoy it. Contrary to popular belief, you don't need a gym or fancy workout classes to maintain a strong fitness routine.  Home workouts without weights are a great substitute, so long as you have the right resources to guide you. If you’re looking for workouts you can do from the comfort of your own home, dorm, apartment or even your own yard, try these to get your heart pumping and put a smile on your face. If you're wondering if at-home workouts are effective, all I can say, is you get what you put in and these workouts are sure to make you sweat!

1. Instagram Live workouts

You can find Instagram Live workouts anytime, but they're really popular right now! Fitness trainers, physical therapists, and resident fitness junkies alike are prepared to take you through an at home workouts with with or without weights in real-time. These workouts can be a great option for beginners. Most trainers will take the time to explain exactly how to do a move before implementing it into the workout, making it easy to follow. In addition, since it’s a live video, you can ask questions and potentially get an answer almost immediately. Instagram accounts currently doing Instagram Live include: You can also check your local gym's Instagram or Facebook page who might be posting live workouts. If you can't make a live workout time, lots of these accounts post these stories tot their IG TV, so you can enjoy it any time or even redo one!

2. 600 calories in 60 minutes challenge

This trend is going around on TikTok, but the original video can be found on YouTube. The duration of this workout as said is 60 minutes and all you need is a little space to join Jeanette Jenkins for a full-body, calorie-blasting workout! It's a no-equipment workout that will get you fired up and your endorphins thanking you!

3. The 'Tone and Sculpt' app

Created by Krissy Cela, the Tone and Sculpt app is a workout platform with both gym and at-home workout options. It also features a full nutrition plan that you can customize specifically to meet your goals. That's because this app goes well beyond weight loss: it focuses on bettering you for you. Whether you want to get in shape, build muscle or anything in between, you can customize your workout based on your goals, lifestyle, and schedule. These workouts debunk any myth about using at home workouts to build muscle! The holistic body positive approach that Krissy takes is refreshing in a world full of yo-yo dieting and negative body image. While the app is not free, a 14-day free trial lets you try it before purchasing.

4. Taylor Chamberlain Dilk’s EMOM workouts

EMOM — Every Minute on the Minute — workouts are designed so that you perform the exercise and a set number of reps, then the remainder of that minute goes to recovery. Taylor sells guides to these workouts, but she also posts a lot of her EMOM workouts on her Instagram feed as well. Most of these take no longer than 30 to 40 minutes and require little to no equipment to get a good workout.

5. At-home Instagram workouts

There are ton of trainers on Instagram who share their home workouts without equipment. If you haven’t seen one with a workout style you like, try searching hashtags such as #homeworkout to find a style that works for you. Most of these workouts involve five or six different exercises that trainers will break down in different videos in their posts. A benefit to following a few Instagram trainers is that they’re dealing with the same challenges that we are. For example, while many people have to work out indoors right now, many live in apartments, which means upstairs and downstairs neighbors. Because of this, a lot of Instagram trainers have started sharing low-impact workouts so as to not disturb your upstairs or downstairs neighbor. An added bonus: many of these trainers are receptive to your comments.

6. P90X

You've likely heard of P90X as it has been around for quite some time, but it is worth revisiting. P90X is a bodyweight and resistance training plan that guarantees results over the course of 90 days if you follow their fitness and nutrition program in tandem. This program begs to answer the question of: can home workouts work? And the answer they'll give you is YES. This heart-pumping workout will make your muscles burn. If you don’t have the DVDs already, you can find P90X workouts on YouTube. Get ready to sweat!

7. HIIT workouts

HITT stands for high-intensity interval training which means you go through sprints of your heart rate peaking and coming down with more active recovery. This sways a little more on the intermediate and advanced level as they require quick transitions and good form, however, they’re are one of the most optimal workout styles to try at home. The best part about HIIT style workouts is that they're almost always bodyweight or can be modified to accommodate without weights. To create your own HITT workout, simply pair three cardio-style exercises with two to three slower exercises. Do each exercise as fast as you can (using proper form) and take a set break after you complete all the exercises. Then repeat that circuit three to five times.  Here’s an example of a basic HIIT workout:  Repeat this circuit three to five times for a great burn that takes less than 45 minutes and requires no equipment — perfect for your living room! 

8. Running or walking

Going for a run or walk is a great way to get moving without a gym and it requires no equipment. You don’t have to be a runner to start either! If you’re just getting started, simply start by running until you tire and then walk the rest of the route. Little by little, and run by run, you’ll build up your endurance until you’re able to run your whole route and then some. If you don’t want to run or are unable to, go for a walk instead. If you’d like to level-up your walks without running, look into getting ankle weights. They take up little space and are easily available from Amazon. 

9. Resistance bands

Resistance bands are great for at-home workouts and so incredibly versatile. They take up almost no space and really up the intensity of any home workout. You can find different types of resistance bands in the sports section of your local supermarket or you can order them online. Amazon has tons of options and some trainers on Instagram sell their own lines of fitness bands. If you’re looking for a workout to do with bands, some come with exercises. If yours don’t, here are some resistance band workouts you can do. You can find even more on Instagram or through a quick Google search.

10. Yoga

Not only is yoga a great at-home workout, it’s great for your mental health as well. Build up your flexibility and mindfulness at the same time. While you can find yoga workouts to buy on Amazon, there are also a lot of free options available on YouTube. Yoga with Adrienne has been around for a while and is a great place to start. You can also find yoga workouts on Instagram. Just be sure to be aware of your body’s limits and not to push yourself too far too fast!

11. Home workout challenges

While these may not be for beginners, a lot of online trainers are starting to do rep challenges. For example, the 200-rep ab challenge has people timing how quickly they can do 200 ab-focused reps. The faster (with correct form) the better! This is a great way to work a specific muscle group and a great way to feel part of a community for those of us not used to working out at home alone. If you’re up for a challenge, try one!

12. Full-body circuit workouts

Full-body circuit workouts are super-simple lifting and bodyweight exercises. Pick four to six different exercises and then repeat three to five times. The difference between HIIT and full-body circuit workouts is that HIIT exercises focus on getting your heart rate up, while full-body circuits focus on building or maintaining muscle. Even if you don’t have weights, you can do an effective full-body circuit using your body weight and resistance bands. Full-body circuit workouts are great to incorporate into your weekly routine. Building and maintaining muscle burns more calories than doing cardio alone, which means shorter, more effective workouts. Find full-body circuit workouts on Instagram, YouTube, Google and Pinterest. Or you can try this one below; all you need is dumbbells or a resistance band: Repeat three to five times to get a great burn! 

13. Pinterest workout infographics

Pinterest is always a great place to find inspiration, and it's no different when it comes to home workouts without weights! There are lots of these types of workouts all over Pinterest. While you can find a variety of great workouts from a multitude of content creators, Pinterest is particularly good if you’re looking for something new to restructure your workouts. However, beginners should be cautious, as Pinterest is rarely conducive to finding live examples of how to safely perform the exercises posted.

14. SWEAT with Kayla Itsines

Kayla is the creator of the BBG (Beach Body Guide) workouts, which can be found on the SWEAT app. BBG has been around for a while, and is well known for its at-home workouts. It's a great option for dorms and apartments as it offers a plethora of workout styles from which to choose. It's also great for beginners, as it shows you how to perform the exercises safely with proper form and offers a range of difficulty levels. 

15. TikTok workouts

While the TikTok trend is pretty new, there are tons of great workouts being shared there by people just like us, every single day! You can find home workouts without weights, workouts to do in an apartment or dorm, and even furniture-specific workouts.  Ever wonder how to use your couch for a full workout? Just be careful trying new exercises, as not all people who post workouts on social media are certified physical trainers.

Remember the basics

There's nothing as rewarding as a home workout, but even if you're not feeling motivated just yet, remember to get up from your desk from time to time. Take breaks from studying or work to move your body. A traditional workout might not be an option right now, but incorporating three quick 10-minute HIIT workouts throughout your day or coupling a new full-body circuit with a long walk will dramatically improve your day.  Regardless of how you choose to workout, it’s more important now than ever to keep moving and stay active. Not only will it benefit your body, it’s great for your mental health and mood as well. Working out in a small space like a dorm or apartment may not be ideal, but it gives you an opportunity to get creative with how you stay active. As you're trying new workouts, you may just find something new that you really like!