25 Things to Do When You’re Bored at Home

Minji Kim
May 13, 2021

Being bored at home can be the worst. Feeling like you have nothing to do and nowhere to go can make for some really long days. 

It's normal to get a bit antsy when you're bored at home with nothing to occupy your mind or your time. That first day of being bored is usually a little relaxing, especially after being busy for such a long stretch of time. After several days of not having anything to do though, it's certainly normal to start itching for things to do.

For that reason, we have outlined 25 fun things you can do at home to combat the boredom that is surely setting in by now. Okay, maybe we’ve complained a time or two about cramming for tests, way too many essays and bad dining hall food, but we’d take it all back to be back at school right now.

We all know that the best thing we can do during this historical national pandemic is to stay home. Don’t worry, help is here!  Hopefully, these ideas can keep you busy and keep you home where we all belong right now.

Things to do when boredom strikes

1. FaceTime your friends

It’s hard being away from your friends. It’s even harder when they’re only a few minutes away and you can’t see them. FaceTiming friends or setting up Zoom calls once in a while is a great way to keep in touch. If you run out of things to talk about, there are lots of games you can play together online.

Try downloading the Houseparty app from the app store and play games while video chatting. This app offers games similar to Pictionary and Cards of Humanity.

2. Watch a movie "together"

Netflix party is a Chrome extension that allows people to watch anything on Netflix at the same time. You can message each other when watching a movie or if you Facetime them at the same time it’s almost like being back at the dorm.

3. Do a puzzle

Now is a better time than any to sit down and work on a puzzle — the more pieces the better. In addition to being incredibly therapeutic and meditative, a good 1,000-piece puzzle is a great way to kill time when in quarantine.

4. Read a book

Pick up that book that has been on your nightstand forever. It will definitely help pass the time. There are also lots of resources online that are offering free library services right now. Here's a great list of some great books to read in your 20's.

5. Learn a new skill

Whether it is knitting or learning how to juggle a soccer ball, this is the perfect time to learn something new. If it doesn’t work out, only the people you’re quarantined with will know you failed. If it does work out, now you have a great new skill to show off to your friends in the fall when you go back to campus.

6. Learn a new language

Speaking of skills, why not try learning a new language? Dust off the free Duolingo app and try out some French or Korean. Duolingo even offers Klingon and High Valyrian. Take it day by day and watch yourself improve. 

7. Listen to a podcast

There are so many podcasts out there, and depending on what you want to listen to, there are a lot of options. They are very easy to access, and might even give you some insight on things that you may have never known you were interested in. Which is exactly why this is actually one of my favorite things to do when bored.

You might even find a podcast coming from your college community, a great way to connect with your peers. For even more podcasts, we made an article all about the best podcasts to listen to as a college student

8. Clean your room

Having a clean room will definitely put your mind at ease and fill some of your time, even if only for a little while. Simply making your bed every morning and tidying up will give you a sense of structure in your daily schedule. As an added bonus, it might also boost your creativity (seriously!).

9. Reorganize your closet

Organizing your closet can also help to declutter your mind. Let's be honest, if you truly look at your closet, you'll probably find you don’t even wear half the clothes in there. Pull out the items that you want to throw out and donate and when this pandemic is over donate all the clothes you don’t want anymore. Alternatively, you can also sell some of these items to make a little extra money.  Poshmark, and Offerup are great places to sell stuff online that are contactless.

10. Paint a Bob Ross tutorial

Many seasons of Bob Ross’ painting show are on Amazon Prime and Netflix, so you can take this opportunity to paint with Bob. While he finishes each painting in under 30 minutes, there is no shame in pausing to catch up with him. Let your creativity flow and paint something you normally wouldn’t take the time to do.

11. Watch a new TV show

Once you’re busy with school again, this free time will disappear fast, so take this time to watch that TV show that you’ve been wanting to get around to. There are so many new shows and movies on Netflix to binge. Swap recommendations with your friends to get started. 

12. Try a new recipe

If you’ve been careful enough to go grocery shopping, try cooking up a new recipe. Eating the same thing can get a little boring, so try switching it up with a recipe you haven’t had before. There's nothing more rewarding than trying something new and getting to enjoy it with your family after...well, unless it's terrible of course.

Here are some fun recipes to make when you're bored. And like the article says, it's better than mindlessly watching Tik Tok for 4 hours.

13. Bake a cake

If you have a sweet tooth, try baking a cake. It’s as easy or difficult as you make it, plus you don't have to nail it to have fun. Your family will probably appreciate it too!

14. Discover new music

Whether you typically stick to one type of music or not, this is a great opportunity to discover some new music. Lots of artists are streaming from inside their homes, so you can watch mini concerts from the comfort of your bed.

Spotify has a great platform for discovering new music and you can use your student discount to get half off the monthly subscription fee (making it only $4.99 a month for unlimited streaming!)

15. Exercise

If you can find the motivation, try working out at home. There are lots of mini workout videos online, and it’s a great way to stay in shape when staying home. Sitting at home while surrounded by food might lead to some unhealthy choices, so try getting the blood pumping once in a while.

Here are some resources for at-home workouts

16. Go for a walk

When the weather is nice, the best thing to do is to get outside and breathe some fresh air. You can easily practice social distancing while walking in the sun and enjoying the wind blowing in your hair.

17. Sit outside

Vitamin D is so important, and it’s hard to get it when you’re stuck inside all day. You don’t have to take a walk, but you should try leaving your house to get some sun on a nice day.

Take a beach towel outside and lounge or people-watch (from a distance). Grab some art supplies and get creative. Or find a favorite book and immerse yourself in another world while soaking up some healing rays.

18. Watch Oscar-winning best pictures

If you feel like if you’ve seen everything on YouTube and Netflix, try making your way through the Oscar-winning best pictures. They won for a reason, and this time is as good as any to watch some award-winning movies. Plus, think of how many talking points you’ll have when you get back to civilization and socialization.

19. Color in a picture

There are lots of accessible free coloring pages for teens and adults on the Internet, and coloring can be a great stress reliever. When times are difficult, some mindless coloring might help settle your mind.

20. Pull an idea off Pinterest

Pinterest is the ultimate place to go to find things to do when you're bored. There are so many creative crafts and tips on how to make money on Pinterest, and you definitely have the time to try something new. Try making something for your dorm room next semester or start a side hustle! Whatever you find on Pinterest will certainly keep your brain occupied.

21. Play board games with family

If you’re quarantined with your family, go ahead and give in to some old-fashioned family time. Playing a board game together will pass the time and give your family a chance to fight over something other than how much time you’re spending in front of the TV.

22. Write in a journal

With all that may be circling your mind around this strange time, journaling can help anchor your thoughts. Writing down what’s happening in a journal might help you keep track of time and develop new perspective around what’s happening in the world — and your world — today.

In the future, you can look back on this journal and get inspired all over again or see how much you've grown in a short amount of time.

23. Catch up on your sleep

College is draining. While we might be begging to go back, this is a great time to catch up on your sleep. Take naps when you can and rejuvenate yourself for the upcoming semester. Nothing passes time better than sleep and it can positively affect your immune system which you need.

24. Meditate or try yoga

A little peace and quiet never hurt anyone, so make the best of this solitary time and try meditating. Some apps like Headspace and Calm offer guided meditation that can help you get in the zone quickly Yoga is also a great way to release stress, and may help get you out of your comfort zone. 

25. Wash your hands

Even if you’re home, it’s safe to say that you should be washing your hands often. This goes double if you get a package in the mail or go outside. It’s a simple task that has been reiterated by everyone everywhere, but it’s something that we should all keep in mind.

In summary 

Hopefully this quarantine will soon be over, but in the meantime, you'll likely never have another opportunity like this to try something new. Everyone is in the same boat and doing their part to flatten the curve. Stay safe, stay busy, and stay home.