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Highest paying Bachelors degrees 2020

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A recent college graduate working at a computer in a high paying job he got with his Bachelor's Degree

In order to get your foot in the door at most companies these days, you need a bachelors degree. Especially in the cases of high paying jobs, the U. S Bureau of Labor Statistics says workers with a bachelor’s degree typically earn 80% more than those with just a high school diploma. However, not all degrees were created equally, typically students in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) earn more and have more job opportunities than graduates of other programs. So we decided to compile a list of some of the highest paying bachelor degrees to help students earn back the money they invest in their education.

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Finance Majors

It may seem obvious but it’s no surprise that studying money will earn you more money. Managing money can be complex and those who understand it are in high demand.  Financial knowledge and education translates into substantial pay and bountiful employment opportunities. A bachelor’s degree in finance can be a great way to ensure a secure future.


Nuclear Engineering

Majoring in STEM subjects is a near surefire way to lockdown employment upon graduation and nuclear engineer is no exception. The median income for nuclear engineers in over $100, 000.00 and that number can double for those holding masters and PHD’s. The demand for nuclear engineering has continuously increased over the last decade and includes a diverse range of work from power plants and spacecrafts to work in the medical field.


Actuarial Science

Actuary scientists are in high demand in the finance, insurance and accounting fields. Their skills in evaluating risk and analytics mean these professionals make six-figure salaries for their ability to help companies minimize losses. Many actuaries use their experience to become financial managers, a career move that also increases salary and benefits.



Students who pursue degrees in nursing are almost always guaranteed work for life. Not only do these jobs report as meaningful and highly fulfilling, registered nurses average just under $70,000.00 each year and nurse practitioners make around $103,000.00. Every year there are more than a million job postings for nurses across the US and with an aging population that need is expected to increase over the next decade.


Petroleum Engineering

Another field known for paying exceptionally well is the competitive world of petroleum engineering. The median pay for petroleum engineers is $132,000.00 per year and their need has grown for the past ten years and is expected to continue for the next ten. Petroleum engineers design and develop methods to extract oil and gas through the interface of geoscience and physics.


Computer Science

It’s easy to see why a degree in computer science can lead to a lucrative career. Companies need tech savvy team members more than ever to keep up with increasing demands of efficiency and complex systems. From app developer to systems analyst this field covers a broad spectrum of needs. Computer science majors are sought after in every industry which means there’s never a shortage of employment and most graduates can find work right away.


As you can see, bachelor’s degrees in STEM subjects are lucrative and highly sought after by employers. There are also many other college majors that we could have included on this list such as Chemical Engineering, Actuarial Mathematics, Biomedical Engineering and others that offer competitive pay and excellent job opportunities. At the end of the day a college education in the US can be very expensive so before investing your money and time, it may be worth it to consider job availability and pay rates of your preferred field.

highest paying bachelors degrees 2019 2020
highest paying bachelors degrees 2019 2020

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