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Our Top Laptop Picks for College Students

our top laptop picks for college, best college laptops 2019

We’ve come a long way from taking notes by hand. Today’s college students need to be prepared for more than just long nights in libraries. If you’re going to stay ahead of the curve this school year, you’re going to need a laptop that can keep up.   We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the…

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How To Consolidate Your Student Loans

how to consolidate your student loans

When you have multiple student loans, sometimes consolidating them into one single payment can be beneficial to your wallet (and your sanity). There are two types of student loan consolidation: federal and private.  What’s the difference?   Consolidating Federal Student Loans This type of consolidation merges multiple federal student loans into one federal loan with…

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Finding The Right Student Loan Repayment Plan

finding the right student loan repayment plan

There are a ton of student loan repayment plans out there. How do you know which one is best for you? Well, that ultimately depends on your goals and your student loans. If you are dealing with federal student loans then you are likely to choose between standard repayment plans and income-driven repayment plans. If…

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Top Mental Health Challenges Facing College Students

the top mental health challenges facing college students

Beginning a new chapter of your life can be both terrifying and wonderful. When the excitement of starting college fades and the lumbering workload grows harder, reality sets in. Suddenly, you are spending long nights huddled over a textbook, pulling all-nighters at the library, struggling to keep your eyes open to finish an important essay,…

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Should I Borrow Student Loans To Help Pay For College?

should I borrow student loans to help pay for college

Students often turn to student loans in order to finish paying for college. This is totally fine, however, be prepared to pay ALL of that money back (and then some, thanks to interest rates). Repaying student loans will not be easy, but it may be the only option you have left. Keep in mind that…

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Loan Forgiveness For Teachers

student loan forgiveness for teachers

If you teach full time in a low-income or educational service agency for five complete and consecutive academic years, while meeting other qualifications, you may be eligible for loan forgiveness for teachers on your Direct and Unsubsidized Loans, or your Subsidized and Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loans.  What qualifies someone as a teacher? A teacher provides…

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How is Federal Student Aid Calculated?

how is federal student aid calculated, financial aid, FAFSA

As students and graduates are well aware, the cost of higher education is pricey. Many Americans require financial assistance to attend their post-secondary institutions due to tuition, fees, living costs and additional expenses. It’s good that help is available with Federal Student Aid!    What is the FAFSA? The FAFSA is the Free Application for…

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Financial Aid 101: What Is Financial Aid & How Does It Work?

financial aid 101, fafsa, how does federal aid work

Post-secondary education can offer students career opportunities while simultaneously increasing their potential for higher incomes and greater job satisfaction, but this can be costly. As a result, many Americans struggle to cover the cost of attending college on their own. They need help. When you are ready to jump into the college experience, you should…

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Biggest Student Loan Repayment Mistakes

the 6 most common mistakes when paying back student loans

According to a recent study by Credit Karma, the average student loan balance among 2017 college graduates is nearly $30,000. Making a student loan repayment mistake can really cost you and result in a serious increase in the life of your loan. Here are some common student loan repayment mistakes that too many graduates make: Not…

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College Scholarship Application Checklist

the college scholarship application checklist, how to apply for scholarships

A college scholarship is the best way to get help paying for college. Why? Because you don’t have to pay back the money you receive and you can minimize your student debt! Check out why the student loan crisis continues to grow Getting a scholarship isn’t always easy though. Competition is often stiff depending on…

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