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Financial Aid 101: What Is Financial Aid & How Does It Work?

What even is Financial Aid? Do you have to fill out the FAFSA each year? We answer the common questions you have about paying for college and more. The more you know, the more aid you can get. Find out how to fund your education now!

Post-secondary education can offer students career opportunities while simultaneously increasing their potential for higher incomes and greater job satisfaction, but this can be costly. As a result, many Americans struggle to cover the cost of attending college on their own. They need help. When you are ready to jump into the college experience, you should…

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Student Loan Repayment: Your Options

Paying off student loans can be confusing. The student loan repayment plans range widely. Evaluate your options and understand the difference between income-based and pay as you earn (PAYE).

Figuring out how to manage your student loan debt is a struggle that many college graduates face. More than seven million borrowers default, and millions more Americans find themselves unable to afford even the minimum monthly payment. Did you know there are options to help you pay off your student loans? While the burden of…

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The 5 Best iPhone Apps to Avoid the Freshman 15

The dreaded freshman 15....We have curated a list of top iphone apps to help you avoid being unhealthy in college. Workout apps, nutrition apps, and sleeping apps to name a few.

We’ve all heard about it, and many of us have lived it: the dreaded FRESHMAN 15. Starting college can be exciting and anxiety-ridden all at once. If you’re not careful, it’s very possible to let the weight of academic and social pressures affect your actual weight. How the Freshman 15 Happens We know that weight…

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Best Jobs On Campus

Looking for an on campus job? Bet you didn't know that a lot of these jobs on campus existed. What better way to meet friends and make money in college? Check them out here!

With the expenses of college life adding up, finding a part-time job while going to school can be incredibly beneficial. What many students don’t realize is that you aren’t confined to jobs like serving or Uber driving. There are actually a ton of on-campus jobs that can be flexible to your school schedule, and still…

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Understanding Private Student Loans

Do you know the difference between different private student loans? Unsecured and secured loans can be tricky to understand. Student loan debt is hard but we make it easier to understand and come up with a repayment plan!

Student loan debt is a topic that can be tricky to navigate.  Like any loan, the expectation is that the borrower will regularly make payments on time. But, when you’re fresh out of college and job prospects are slim, this can be easier said than done. It’s important that you understand exactly what you’re getting…

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Biggest Student Loan Repayment Mistakes

You want to know the biggest student loan repayment mistakes? Check out this pin to see what common mistakes people make when paying back student loans. Student loan debt can be brutal but you can get out of debt quickly using this advice

According to a recent study by Credit Karma, the average student loan balance among 2017 college graduates is nearly $30,000. Making a student loan repayment mistake can really cost you and result in a serious increase in the life of your loan. Here are some common student loan repayment mistakes that too many graduates make: Not…

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Student Loans: Different From Other Types of Debt

Student loans are a good debt, right? Want to know how student loan debt differs from other types of debt? You should know what protection you have when it comes to bankruptcy and your federal student loans. Repayment plans can vary, so having a repayment plan is vital.

While we’d all love to simply ignore the debt from student loans, we know that this doesn’t make it go away. Like all consumer debt, your creditors are expecting all of those funds back… and then some. Student loan debt and all consumer debt is broken into funnels: secured or unsecured. For those who don’t…

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College Scholarship Application Checklist

Applying to scholarships gets you free money for college! But you have to be careful about the requirements. Make sure you're prepared to win a scholarship by following this checklist. You'd be surprised what you might need.

A college scholarship is the best way to get help paying for college. Getting a scholarship isn’t always easy though. Competition is often stiff depending on the kind you are applying for, what qualities they are looking for, and how many other people are applying. Whether the scholarship you are applying for is for general…

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