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You want to know the biggest student loan repayment mistakes? Check out this pin to see what common mistakes people make when paying back student loans. Student loan debt can be brutal but you can get out of debt quickly using this advice

Biggest Student Loan Repayment Mistakes

By Asher Wu / February 13, 2019

According to a recent study by Credit Karma, the average student loan balance among 2017 college graduates is nearly $30,000. Making a student loan repayment mistake can really cost you and result in a serious increase in the life of your loan. Here are some common student loan repayment mistakes that too many graduates make: Not…

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Student loans are a good debt, right? Want to know how student loan debt differs from other types of debt? You should know what protection you have when it comes to bankruptcy and your federal student loans. Repayment plans can vary, so having a repayment plan is vital.

Student Loans: Different From Other Types of Debt

By Tallie / February 11, 2019

While we’d all love to simply ignore the debt from student loans, we know that this doesn’t make it go away. Like all consumer debt, your creditors are expecting all of those funds back… and then some. Student loan debt and all consumer debt is broken into funnels: secured or unsecured. For those who don’t…

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What is a student loan bubble? And why does student loan debt keep growing so rapidly? Undergraduate interest rates are rising and college tuition is getting more expensive. Find out what you can do.

Why The Student Loan Bubble Won’t Burst

By Zoe Jones / January 30, 2019

While recent news of a booming economy and low unemployment might make it look like things are on the up and up, the financial outlook for today’s college students and recent graduates is still pretty bleak. These new developments haven’t lead to higher wages for graduates already struggling to pay down massive debt, let alone…

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Want to know what happens when you default on your student loans? Know the consequences when you don't pay your loans on time. Know what you should do to avoid collection agencies and how to keep your loans safe from delinquency.

What Happens When You Default On Student Loans?

By Asher Wu / January 28, 2019

Life can take unexpected turns that make paying back student loans incredibly difficult when we are laid off or fall ill. Unfortunately, missing a handful of payments can switch our account into “default” status, which can make our financial situation even worse (Forbes). What Is Student Loan Default? This occurs when full payments on student…

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Curious about what all this student loan debt could mean for the economy? Millennials are more cautious about spending money, forcing them to save, thus hurting the economy. The hefty amount of student loans can be detrimental to credit and seriously affect the ability to get a mortgage. Read more for details.

Millennials Are Facing $1 Trillion in Student Loan Debt

By Forrest Grey / January 21, 2019

It’s official. Young Americans are drowning in student loan debt. At the end of 2018, 18-29 year-olds find themselves exceeding a debt of $1 trillion and, since nearly 1 million student borrowers end up defaulting each year, we know that half of that is not being repaid (Yahoo Finance). Even more devastating, it’s been more…

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Trump's Tax reform affects students all over. His plans for this like the student interest deduction, the permanently disabled, and more. Need help on how to file your taxes, visit your college student center for help, after you read this post!

How Trump’s Tax Reform Could Impact Your Student Loan Debt

By Zoe Jones / January 16, 2019

Welcome to the start of tax season. That special time of year that leaves many students scratching their heads, wondering what the heck they need to do to file their income tax return. And if you’ve been following the news, you might also remember that back in January 2018, the Trump administration passed a Tax…

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What are the qualifications for student loan forgiveness programs? You should know how to attack your student loan debt and which repayment plans you have available to you. Everything from income-based student debt forgiveness to public service loan forgiveness (PSLF).

Here’s How to Find Out if You’re Eligible for Student Loan Forgiveness

By Harvey Morgan / January 2, 2019

Ever thought of faking your own death or moving to a foreign country to get out of paying your student loans? What if we told you that there was a better, much more legal way to get out of student loan debt? Student debt is a $1.5 trillion-dollar problem and it’s estimated that roughly 50%…

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