3 Websites that offer college textbooks for free

So you’ve paid your tuition, dormitory fees, and purchased a meal plan. You breathe a sigh of relief thinking that your college costs have finally come to an end. But just weeks before class starts you suddenly remember you need…. books. How do you afford the books you need on your college budget? Free textbooks, that’s how. We found 3 websites that offer free textbooks to college students and we had to share!


Textbooks can be shockingly expensive and once you’ve dished out money for every other cost involved with higher education, the last thing you want to do is shell out more cash for something you won’t use for more than a semester.

It’s an ugly truth but there is hope on the horizon. More and more websites are popping up that offer free textbooks to college students. Here are a few reputable sites that can help curb some of the last-minute fees associated with purchases books for your classes, for free!

These amazing sites are aimed to provide students with Open Educational Resources, (also known as OER’s) so make education more affordable.  There are many options so regardless of what you’re studying these sites provide an opportunity to save hundreds of dollars and are worth checking out once you get your list of required text.


1.  Bookboon.com

Bookboon was created in 2005 and has since become the world’s largest provider of E-books.

They offer a huge array of online books for more than college students and have over 1000 college and university textbooks available to download completely free. Students studying STEM subjects or business may find this site particularly helpful as the site was initially designed with these subjects in mind and they can be found on the very first page.

With compatibility for laptops, tablets and cellphones, students can pick up where they left off with bookmark tools and a memo pad for taking notes.

A cloud-based medium means there’s no installation, making Bookboon one of the most efficient resources available for students in the modern era.

2. OpenStax.org

A non-profit charity founded in 2011 by Rice University and supported by the likes of Bill Gates and others, OpenStax offers relevant, peer-reviewed texts from some of the top universities across the country.

With a variety of subjects such as Math, Physics, Biology, Social Sciences, Humanities, Business and more, OpenStax boasts one of the most comprehensive collections available online (most of which is completely free).

Over 2.2 million students use the site globally and they are used by almost 4000 schools across the US. As the demand for more subjects increases OpenStax continues to diversify their library, soon expanding into computer and data sciences, nursing and liberal arts text.

If that wasn’t enough, OpenStax Tutor is a feature offered to support personalized learning and interactive homework for it’s users making the site a valuable resource for students needing extra help.

3. Saylor.org

While many other OER’s focus on the highest enrollment degree programs, Saylor Academy goes one step further and offers an impressive repository of E-Books for students in less traditional programs like Online Marketing and Social Media.

Available in PDF, EPUB and Microsoft Word formats, Saylor Academy also offers tuition-free college credits. Saylor Academy provides students with over 100 free courses that are transferrable to over 30 partner schools.

The self-paced courses and certificates are completely free and have been helping students with an affordable, alternative option to in-class education since 2008.


So, before you let the financial burden of funding college impact your educational experience, check out some of the above options for online copies of your required text. You may just find that a higher education is well within reach without incurring extra debt.

Don’t see your books on these websites. Don’t panic! Here’s another resource that offers discounts on college textbooks.


Tallie Beaconsfield