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Easy Lifestyle Changes That Can Save You a Small Fortune

Renee Layberry / September 21, 2020
Budget / Debt / Finance / Student Loans

Student Loans: Expectation vs. Reality

Budget / Debt / Finance / Student Loans

4 Essential Tips to Eliminate Debt (So You Can Deal With Your Student Loans)

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Great Gift Ideas on a Student Budget

What better way to save money during the holidays than to do a white elephant gift exchange with your friends. Here are the official rules of a white elephant exchange and also some ideas for every budget.

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girl sitting on the floor with her laptop and dog filing for FAFSA

How To File The FAFSA For Grad School

Filing the FAFSA as a grad student is a little different than filing as an undergrad. If you’re going to grad school, make sure you know the differences so you can get the most federal aid from the government as possible.

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How to Make Your Money Last All Semester Long

As a college student, running out of money halfway through your semester is probably your worst nightmare. You need that money to last and we’re here to provide you with the tips to make that happen. It’s all about the plan and we are good at that over here.   Chances are when you take…

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