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Person reviewing resume

New employment opportunities in COVID-impacted world: A comprehensive report

Comprehensive coronavirus employment report

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person using laptop to pay their credit card bill online

Ways to build credit as a college student

Here are some other ways to build credit as a college student before opening your own credit card, and some credit card options and tips when you are ready to take that next step.

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siblings playing a board game to avoid boredom

25 things to do when you’re bored at home

A list of things that you can do to stay busy when boredom strikes and you’re stuck inside

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The hustle and the burnout culture: Why you’re better off not feeding into it

If you’re apart of the generation that’s currently in college or have just graduated chances are high that you went through your elementary, middle school and high school days striving to get the very best grades, participate and be the best in sports, and pad your extracurriculars; filling your time until it was bursting and…

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How to be keto in college

So you want to try the keto diet on a college budget? Well, you’re in luck, we have come up with this quick and easy guide to saving money while on the keto diet. And as a disclaimer, they aren’t that hard! The biggest struggle with dieting while in college is a lot of them…

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girl sitting at her desk at home taking online classes

How to increase productivity taking online classes

With the world suddenly online, being productive at home is essential to be successful. Especially for anyone taking online classes. You should know, that if you stay productive you can get more done in less amount of time. Wouldn’t you rather not be a slave to your computer? We got you. While the crazy reality…

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the top bingeworthy netflix shows to watch on your laptop

Bingeworthy Netflix shows

Let’s face it, you don’t have time to scroll through Netflix to find the next show you’re going to glue yourself to your couch (read: bed) for. That’s why we came up with a list of the hottest and most bingeworthy Netflix shows right now! Check them out As college students, I think it’s inevitable…

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girl sitting at computer stressed with her head in her lap

Feds offer relief on student loans

On Friday, March 20th, the U.S. Secretary of Education, Betsey DeVos, announced that the office of Federal Student Aid will be providing relief from student loans during the COVID-19 national outbreak.   How is the Department of Education handling the threat that the COVID-19 national emergency has placed on the financial futures of many? Relief…

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person sitting at laptop trying to refinance their student loans

Why you should refinance your student loans during the Coronavirus crisis?

As you’re probably aware, the Coronavirus outbreak has caused a lot of implications across our nation and it’s not stopping there. The ripple effect seems to have no end in sight and our economy that was once booming is now falling to pieces. So why would right now be the time to refinance your student…

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What you should do about your student loans during the Coronavirus outbreak?

As much of the country goes into an extreme lockdown during the Coronavirus outbreak, the economy comes to a screeching halt, and social distancing is becoming not just a suggestion but a requirement,  and it’s not abnormal to begin to panic. The whole world might seem like it’s coming to an end yet you still…

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