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College student kayaking during the summer

How College Students Can Still Make the Most of Their Coronavirus Summer

Ways to get creative and make memories this summer during the coronavirus pandemic.

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college girl kayaking during the summer

How to Lose the Freshman 15 This Summer (Without Going to a Gym)

A simple guide to losing the freshman 15 without a gym membership or crazy dieting.

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4 black college students happily posing during graduation

Student Loans, Scholarships, Grants and Awards: Is College Worth It?

It’s not news that college is expensive. Back in 2006, it was already a problem, with Cornell researchers writing that 1980 tuition took 25% of a family’s income. By 2004, it had more than doubled to 56%. This begs to answer the question: is college worth it? There are lots of reasons for the staggering…

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College student frustated with taking online college classes

Top 7 Tips for Taking Online Classes Successfully

Tips and actionable ways to successfully take online classes whether you’re a freshman, grad student, or just a professional trying to navigate online education.

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girl putting finger up to mouth as she tells a secret

Student loan repayment: 3 secrets you can’t afford to ignore

3 Student loan repayment secrets to utilize when paying back student loans to save money and be debt-free faster

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college student walking a dog on a pretty fall road

10 Ways college students can start saving for fall semester – now

Additional ways to make money and save money for fall semester that are actionable

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College students on campus

How to pay for college when student loans aren’t enough

Alternative ways to supplement paying for college when student loans arent’ enough to cover tuition.

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macbok on a desk with airpods being utilized for studying online

4 Simple Study Tips for Online Classes

Simple tips for studying for online classes. Teaching you how to stay focused and on task to get the best grades possible.

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College in the age of COVID-19

How colleges across the world have been impacted by COVID-19 and how they’re going to continue to navigate in the coming months post-pandemic

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Meditation for anxiety

How college students can reduce anxiety through meditation

The benefits of practicing meditation for anxiety in college students and the resources to accomplish it.

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