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moving to college dorm college freshman checklist, college moving checklist

Moving to College Dorm: College Freshman Checklist

By Tallie / August 4, 2019

As summer comes to an end, I bet you’re starting to think about finally moving to college! And that means one thing: packing. Odds are your first year of college involves moving into a dorm, a big move to a smaller space, and though you don’t want to forget to pack anything, you also don’t…

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the top mental health challenges facing college students

Top Mental Health Challenges Facing College Students

By Carena de Alba / July 5, 2019

Beginning a new chapter of your life can be both terrifying and wonderful. When the excitement of starting college fades and the lumbering workload grows harder, reality sets in. Suddenly, you are spending long nights huddled over a textbook, pulling all-nighters at the library, struggling to keep your eyes open to finish an important essay,…

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Did you know meditation can help manage anxiety? Meditation is something you can do anywhere too, including meditation apps that are available on your phone. Learn why meditation is effective and how you can start. Via @collegelifetoday

Meditation for Anxiety in College Students

By Carena de Alba / June 10, 2019

It may be human nature to worry, but college students deal with enough pressure. When anxiety levels are raised due to assignment deadlines, exam crunches, and all of those new responsibilities — it can feel like the world is crushing in. It is normal to feel low levels of anxiety, but when your wandering mind…

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best 5 free iphone apps to help you avid the freshman 15, healthy living apps

The 5 Best iPhone Apps to Avoid the Freshman 15

By Tallie / February 25, 2019

We’ve all heard about it, and many of us have lived it: the dreaded FRESHMAN 15. Starting college can be exciting and anxiety-ridden all at once. If you’re not careful, it’s very possible to let the weight of academic and social pressures affect your actual weight. How the Freshman 15 Happens We know that weight…

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dorm decorating on a college budget, DIY projects

Dorm Decorating On a College Budget

By Carena de Alba / January 14, 2019

One of the most exciting things about moving away to college is decorating your dorm! Since most student college budgets aren’t very big, I’ve put together these DIY dorm decorating tips to make your space look amazing without spending a ton. You’ve probably made one – or five – trips to Target before the semester…

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