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Dorm Decorating On a College Budget

dorm decorating on a college budget, DIY projects


One of the most exciting things about moving away to college is decorating your dorm! Since most student college budgets aren’t very big, I’ve put together these DIY dorm decorating tips to make your space look amazing without spending a ton.

You’ve probably made one – or five – trips to Target before the semester started. Piling up the cart, convincing yourself of all the stuff you’ll “need” for when you get to campus.

But even if you’ve done an amazing job shopping ahead of time, you’ll probably get bored with the décor over the course of the year and want to spruce things up.

Here are some creative ways to decorate your college room on a budget:

Go Green

It might not be the first thing you thought of when moving in, but adding a few potted plants in your space is a tried and true way to brighten up any interior space, especially when you’re on a small college budget.

It’s pretty easy to buy all kinds of little plants already in small pots, and to do a quick online search to learn how to care for them.

If you’re worried your crazy college schedule might make it hard to keep up with finding the little guys water and sunlight on the regular – you’re lucky that succulents are super popular right now, and require a ton less work.

Play With Prints

Posters and murals have always been a serious dorm room staple.

It’s a cost-effective way to add a little flare and show off your personality without having to pay for framing, or get stuck with lugging around heavy art every time you move in and out.

One way to save even more costs – instead of paying for a poster at a store, you can easily take advantage of websites and printing services to create your own.

Washi Tape Is Your New Bestie

Still new(ish), Washi tape has become an easy way to magically make changes to a dorm room’s décor, even if you are someone with commitment issues (or strict dorm room decorating policies).

Each roll of Washi tape has a unique pattern that you can use in all different parts of your room.

People typically use it to line bookshelves, their desk, or or as a swap for the regular, boring tape you might use to hold posters and pictures up on your dorm room walls.

See The Signs

Light up neon or similar signs are super fun, but also tend to be pretty expensive, unless you are an amazing flea market shopper.

For a fun DIY project, think about using cardboard and strings of Christmas lights to create your own customized signs on the cheap.

Plus, it’s a fun project for a rainy or snowy day when there isn’t much else to do on campus.

Make Your Bed One Of A Kind

As the year goes on and your college budget gets tighter, you might get sick of the original comforter and pillow cases you bought at the beginning of the year.

But being antsy for a change doesn’t mean spending money on an expensive new set.

There are tons of guides online that will show you how to customize your bedding, adding a little bit of your own personality to the store-bought stuff.

Decorating your college space doesn’t have to empty out your wallet or put a dent on your parents’ credit card statement! Scoping out used furniture online, buying at flea markets, checking out buy and sell apps, and making your own decorations will help you have a beautiful space while staying on top of that college budget.


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dorm decorating on a college budget, DIY projects

College is expensive enough, decorating your dorm doesn't have to be! Spice up your dorm room with these DIY projects that are college budget friendly! Transform your space without emptying your wallet. Dorm Room Ideas | College Planning | Leaving for College | Dorm Inspiration | Going to College


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