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The 5 Best iPhone Apps to Avoid the Freshman 15

best 5 free iphone apps to help you avid the freshman 15, healthy living apps


We’ve all heard about it, and many of us have lived it: the dreaded FRESHMAN 15.

Starting college can be exciting and anxiety-ridden all at once. If you’re not careful, it’s very possible to let the weight of academic and social pressures affect your actual weight.

How the Freshman 15 Happens

We know that weight gain when you start - or return to – college is usually due to the straight up obvious.

  • Bad eating habits
  • Drinking too much
  • Avoiding the gym
  • Not getting enough sleep

But even when you know the cause, it can be tough to avoid.


Thinking of changing up your diet to avoid the Freshman 15? One that is super popular right now that provides maintainable results is the Keto diet. We have a great resource with a college budget in mind you can get below!


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Avoiding the Freshman 15 with Apps

I reviewed and tested a few iPhone apps that I thought might help me stay active and health conscious without totally taking over my life.

Here is list of my faves…


This app basically serves as a virtual trainer. You can choose from thousands of different workouts and target different parts of your body.

Each workout in this app has step-by-step audio and video tutorials to guide you. Each workout is timed, so even if you don’t have a lot of wiggle room between classes and plans with friends, you can still squeeze in a workout.

You can also select workouts based on the specific fitness goals you have, from increasing endurance to carving out a six pack (although that also depends on diet - sorry to say!)

The best part is that you can build your own customized workout routine and share it with friends who also use the app.

Skimbles Workout Trainer app isn’t free, but for $19.99/year it will save you hundreds on a gym membership or personal training, and you won’t ever be bored.

You can get it from iTunes here.


Nike has always been a leader in helping people elevate their fitness and this app is no exception.

The Nike+ Training Club app features workouts designed by professional athletes, and even some celebrities – allowing college students to train like the pros.

You can use the app to train for strength, endurance, and mobility depending on your goal. There are plenty of training modules and you can choose from three levels of difficulty depending on your current ability.

A fun bonus is that you can stream it onto your TV using your smart TV, Apple TV, or via an HDMI cable.

One of the best parts about this being a great fitness app for college students trying to avoid the Freshman 15? It’s FREE.

You can download it here from the Apple Store.


One of the biggest excuses college students tend to use for why they skip the gym? No time!

To solve that problem, Johnson & Johnson came out with a pretty sweet app that features 7 minute workouts. If you can commit just 7 minutes a day, you’ll have a way more solid chance of keeping that “Freshman 15” off – not to mention the de-stressing benefits of exercise.

The J&J Official 7 Minute Workout app has multiple workouts to choose from that help you build strength, burn excess fat, and build stamina. You can choose from beginner-friendly routines to expert-level workouts, choosing from a huge library of options.

This is another great app that is great for your college budget: it’s FREE.

Click here to grab it from iTunes.


Just like a study group helps you actually slog though your econ notes, one of the best ways to keep working as a college student is to be held accountable. Fitocracy zeroes in on this idea, motivating students to keep up their healthy exercise habits by adding a social, group dimension.

My impression was that this app basically turns exercise into a game. You score points, level up, and accomplish tasks. The best part is that other users can actually see your accomplishments and hold you to your goals.

From what I see, fellow “Fitocrats” encourage you and push each other to keep going towards your fitness goals. If you think accountability is the main thing you need, this is the fitness app for you..

Hit up Fitocracy in the Apple store here. There is a free version, and a couple of paid options; neither of which will destroy your college budget.


Exercise isn’t the only ingredient to keeping off the Freshman 15 – diet is just as important.

The Fooducate app acts as your personal dietitian, helping you choose what you should eat depending on your current body weight and the amount of weight you wish to drop, or maintain.

You can track your food intake, get real-time analysis on how many calories you’re taking in, and even get details ingredients - like how much MSG or artificial elements you’re introducing into your body through food and drinks.

One of the things I loved most about this app is that it takes personal dietary restrictions, like allergies, special diets, and preferences, into account.

This app is mostly FREE with a few paid features under $10.

Click here to download the Fooducate App on your iPhone.

Motivation to Avoid the Freshman 15

There are so many things to keep on top of as a college student, often it’s our physical health that suffers. But we need our bodies sharp, to keep our minds sharp to do well on assignments and tests. These apps really do help with all of it.

The added benefit is when you use these apps, you'll be more likely to want to eat cleaner, which means you won't spend all your money on pizzas, subs, wings. Of course, this is just one of the many ways to save money in college, so if you want more click here.


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best 5 free iphone apps to help you avid the freshman 15, healthy living apps

best 5 free iphone apps to help you avid the freshman 15, healthy living apps

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