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Best Jobs On Campus

Looking for an on campus job? Bet you didn't know that a lot of these jobs on campus existed. What better way to meet friends and make money in college? Check them out here!


With the expenses of college life adding up, finding a part-time job while going to school can be incredibly beneficial. What many students don’t realize is that you aren’t confined to jobs like serving or Uber driving. There are actually a ton of on-campus jobs that can be flexible to your school schedule, and still leave some money in your pocket at the end of the day. 

Curious about what they are? Here is a list of popular on-campus jobs…

Library assistant –  Includes keeping track of books and library materials – job is kind of a breeze. Of course, the school library isn’t the most hectic or stressful place around and is usually very quiet. What does that mean for you – you ask? Not only are you on the clock for working, you will be able to get some EXTRA reading done for your classes. Getting paid to do homework? SCORE! 

Not crazy about looking for campus jobs in the library? What about the dining hall?

The dining hall – Dining Hall?  Are you crazy? I definitely do not want to work in the dining hall!  Working with food,  especially leftover food,  can be kind of gross. Wiping down tables or cleaning dishes might not be the most glamorous job. However, you do garner real-life customer service experience – which is useful in operating any business. Plus, your parents would probably like to hear that you’re putting in some blood, sweat, and tears in order to earn your keep with some campus jobs while you attend college.

Residence Assistant  – Becoming a Resident Assistant (RA) might be the most lucrative job on campus. You get paid a ton of money and in some schools, you’re offered perks such as free parking, free board, or a free meal plan. While at times the duties of a Residence Assistant might be a bit demanding, including being responsible for keeping track of and possibly disciplining your peers under certain situations – not the more favorable of duty requirements –  however, the benefits are obvious. You have an opportunity to organize school social events and be a major leader on campus – all for money. Nice!

Career services – If you can get the chance to work in Career Services as an Office Assistant, you will have an opportunity to see how college administration offices function from the inside out. You’ll get to see all the career opportunities firsthand as they initially come in and have the privilege to be surrounded by those who know how to land YOU a future job. Getting ahead is always good, right? Especially if it comes with a paycheck. It’s always who you know.

Art galleryArt galleries on campus always need someone to check Visitors in, and that person is often a student. Be a loyal patron of the arts as well as a student worker in one fell swoop.


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Looking for an on campus job? Bet you didn't know that a lot of these jobs on campus existed. What better way to meet friends and make money in college? Check them out here!

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