girl stressed because of coronavirus

Feds offer relief on student loans

By Harvey Morgan / March 26, 2020

On Friday, March 20th, the U.S. Secretary of Education, Betsey DeVos, announced that the office of Federal Student Aid will be providing relief from student loans during the COVID-19 national outbreak. How is the Department of Education handling the threat that the COVID-19 national emergency has placed on the financial futures of many? Relief for…

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A college student sipping coffee as she prepares to file the FAFSA for grad school

How to file the FAFSA for grad school

By Asher Wu / August 29, 2019

Most students have filed the FASFA for undergraduate programs but it’s important to note there are some changes when filling at the graduate level. Gathering the necessary information to correctly fill out the FAFSA can be tedious but it is well worth doing because it can open the doors to financing and help students fund…

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A recent college student without a job yet, holding his pockets out wondering how to defer his student loan payments

How to defer your student loan payments

By Forrest Grey / July 23, 2019

Sometimes life throws unexpected curveballs and we end up with heavy medical expenses, job loss, or some other financial crisis that makes paying off student loans feel impossible. A deferment or forbearance can help you out of this tight spot by postponing your student loan payments for a temporary amount of time.  What is deferment?…

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the complete list of student loan forgiveness programs

The complete list of student loan forgiveness programs

By Harvey Morgan / July 3, 2019

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could magically snap your fingers and wish away that pesky student loan debt? You may not whisk it away that easily; however, a number of student loan forgiveness programs are available to those who work in education, public service, and health care. Even Federal Aid and certain states are…

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what is a federal direct student loan

What is a federal direct student loan?

By Asher Wu / June 5, 2019

As most students know, paying for post-secondary education is not easy and usually requires financial assistance from somewhere. Federal Student Aid provides funding to undergrad students, grad students, and parents of post-secondary students to help cover the ever-growing cost of attending college through the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program. This is also recognized…

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student loan forgiveness for teachers

Loan forgiveness for teachers

By Tallie / May 31, 2019

If you teach full time in a low-income or educational service agency for five complete and consecutive academic years, while meeting other qualifications, you may be eligible for loan forgiveness for teachers on your Direct and Unsubsidized Loans, or your Subsidized and Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loans.  What qualifies someone as a teacher? A teacher provides…

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understanding private student loans, college loans

Understanding private student loans

By Zoe Jones / February 18, 2019

Student loan debt is a topic that can be tricky to navigate.  Like any loan, the expectation is that the borrower will regularly make payments on time. But, when you’re fresh out of college and job prospects are slim, this can be easier said than done. It’s important that you understand exactly what you’re getting…

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why the student loan bubble won't burst, rising student loan debt

Why the student loan bubble won’t burst

By Zoe Jones / January 30, 2019

While recent news of a booming economy and low unemployment might make it look like things are on the up and up, the financial outlook for today’s college students and recent graduates is still pretty bleak. These new developments haven’t lead to higher wages for graduates already struggling to pay down massive debt, let alone…

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what happens when you default on your student loans

What happens when you default on student loans?

By Asher Wu / January 28, 2019

Life can take unexpected turns that make paying back student loans incredibly difficult when we are laid off or fall ill. Unfortunately, missing a handful of payments can switch our account into “default” status, which can make our financial situation even worse (Forbes). What Is Student Loan Default? This occurs when full payments on student…

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should you refinance your student loans, college loan repayment

Should you refinance your student loans?

By Zoe Jones / January 23, 2019

Student loans are growing and young Americans are drowning in a sea of debt exceeding $1 trillion. Why is it getting so bad? Keep reading here. 18-29 year-olds find themselves borrowing money for their education and nearly 1 million student borrowers default payments each year, so most of that money is not being repaid. However,…

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