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College student kayaking during the summer

How College Students Can Still Make the Most of Their Coronavirus Summer

Ways to get creative and make memories this summer during the coronavirus pandemic.

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College student frustated with taking online college classes

Top 7 Tips for Taking Online Classes Successfully

Tips and actionable ways to successfully take online classes whether you’re a freshman, grad student, or just a professional trying to navigate online education.

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macbok on a desk with airpods being utilized for studying online

4 Simple Study Tips for Online Classes

Simple tips for studying for online classes. Teaching you how to stay focused and on task to get the best grades possible.

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Boxes for moving

Moving to a college dorm: college freshman checklist

The most extensive college freshman dorm room packing checklist of all time. Includes bonus content with what you should leave behind!

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Student studying for the SATs

List of colleges NOT requiring SAT scores

A list of some of the Top Ranked test-optional and test- flexible schools for students to explore that will open up options for education.

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Student in dorm using laptop

6 Best laptops for college students

A comprehensive list of the most sought after computers for college students

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college friends cheers to friendsgiving

How to host a Friendsgiving in college

Top tips to host a Friendsgiving that will be hard to beat.

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college girl working at on campus cafe

When to Apply for College: A Complete Timeline

A step-by-step timeline to help students and their families organize their applications and avoid missing crucial deadlines for college.

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College student wearing a mask studying for her exam

8 Ways To Maintain Your Grades During Coronavirus

Ways to help you maintain your grades and sanity as your college transitions to online learning unexpectedly.

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siblings playing a board game to avoid boredom

25 things to do when you’re bored at home

A list of things that you can do to stay busy when boredom strikes and you’re stuck inside

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