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12 Trending Halloween costumes for college

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The scoops troop demonstrates a top halloween costume for college students trending in 2019

Halloween in college, either your favorite or least favorite time of year. But chances are if you’re reading this post, you’re into it!

And hey, so are we! That’s why we want to give you the best solo and group Halloween costume ideas that you can copy easily without putting too much thought into it. After all, you don’t have time because you’re studying, right? (don’t answer that).

Halloween falls on a Friday this year, which means a weekend-long celebration is certainly in your future and a Halloweekend means you need more than one costume if you plan on partaking in all the festivities.

So here is a roundup of all the Halloween costumes of all things trending this year, and some classics. And lucky for you, they’re affordable!

1. Eleven from Stranger Things

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If you watched season 3 of stranger things, you probably realized Eleven grew up a little and now she’s got a whole new repertoire, but honestly, we just miss the pink dress and the Eggos!

2. The Scoops Troop from Stranger Things

OKAY! This might be the best group costume ever. Dustin, Robin, and Steve had the best costumes in the entire show, so why not imitate them! You’re bound to get a lot of compliments on this one! Disclaimer, this one is a little on the expensive side, but if you plan to make this your best costume all Halloweekend, it will not disappoint.

3. Hopper from Stranger things

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You have a Hawaiin shirt? Perfect! You’re in. This is the dad of all dad costumes and definitely worthy of mimicking.

4. Heather Holloway from Stranger Things (Lifeguard)

Sticking with the Stranger Things theme, here’s a classic Halloween costume, and this year you can be a little more creative and say you’re Heather from Stranger things. Easy.

5. Rue and Jules from Euphoria

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This dynamic duo has a costume that’s easily imitable and if anyone saw the show, they’ll know exactly who you are. So grab your best girlfriend and kick it like Rue and Jules. (This one is great for those who don’t particularly love dressing up, it’s a little less costumey than others on the list!)

6. Ashley O from Black Mirror

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A post shared by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

You’re a Miley Cyrus fan, I mean who isn’t? Then this is the costume for you (especially if you like a good wig) Ashley O in Black Mirror is the best costume for Miley Cyrus you can get, of course post-Hannah Montana days (;

7. Charlie’s Angels

This is great if you need something simple for a group of 3 and you’re lucky that they just made a comeback this year! This is your time with this costume because after this year it just turns into another oldie (but always goody).

8. Tethered from Us

Looking to be creepier this Halloween. This is a group Halloween costume that will definitely help. The tethered from Us if you didn’t see the movie or you just don’t remember are “a class of people who live below the surface, and each one of them is an identical mirror to someone who lives above the surface: two bodies sharing a single soul” All you need are some red jumpsuits. Spooky.

9. Forky from Toy Story 4

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A post shared by Diogo Camargo (@diogopcamargo) on

Alright, finally a little bit of a lighter mood with this costume! We’re all Toy Story fans at heart, so why not embody the newest member of the Toy Story family, Forky. If you’re a traditional, mask Halloween costume type of person, this one’s especially for you!

10. David and Alexis from Schitt’s Creek

This brother-and-sister duo is fun and easy, you could probably whip it together pretty fast. And hey, bonus points if you can imitate their personalities all night.

11. Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones


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We have one word: Yes. This is THE costume if you’re looking for one. Why? I mean is that even a question. Who wouldn’t want to be the Dragon Queen? (ok I guess despite the actual show…she’s a major babe)

12. Lizzo

We saved the best for last…no explanation needed. And the options here are just endless.


Trying to find a Halloween costumes can be a lot of work, so hopefully these ideas got you to start thinking.

Happy Costuming!


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