20 Simple tips for apartment organization

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simple tips for apartment organization

Moving from a college dorm room to an apartment is kind of a big deal, especially when it comes to how you choose to organize your space.

Since you’re moving from a small one-room place to a many-room apartment (with your own bathroom and kitchen) you want to be smart about how you organize your belongings and keep your things separate from your roommates.

Even though your apartment is bigger than the dorm you once had, it’s probably still going to be a bit small so these apartment organization tips are really going to improve the quality of your living situation.

Enjoy all these apartment organization ideas

1. Roommate station

This is my favorite apartment organization hack and the reason it’s number 1 on the list!

Create a place to write notes, your schedule so your roomies know where you’ll be, and have a place to put all the important things you need to keep track of like gas and electric bills, rent checks, keys, mail, etc.

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2. Kitchen coffee cart

The worst part about kitchens in college apartments is that they tend to be very small with minimal storage places. Therefore, you need to be creative on how you fit everything in neatly without overcrowding your counters and cabinets

A bar cart is a great place to store not just alcohol but even your Keurig on top and any coffee supplies. 

If you do decide to dedicate it to coffee you can put all your coffee mugs on the next shelf and any other items you like to enjoy with your coffee.

You can get creative and make this a focal point of your kitchen!

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3. Labeled food containers

There’s nothing worse than a bunch of boxes of food that are opened and make their way to the back of the cabinet because there’s no one cleaning anything out.

Food containers may seem unnecessary but they can actually save you money in the long run.

Your food is less likely to go bad and also you’ll stop overbuying and wasting money on food you don’t eat! 

Plus, how satisfying is it when you open your cabinet and everything is in its proper place AND labeled?!

Pssst….also, a label maker is a gamechanger on keeping your apartment organized. When I first got one I swear I walked around my whole apartment labeling everything, it’s amazing!

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4. Fridge food storage containers

From both a sanitary perspective and an organizational perspective, food storage containers for the fridge are a game-changer.

With multiple people living in the same apartment and likely not sharing food, you need to find a way to organize your produce, meats, snacks, drinks, condiments, etc.

The most success I ever had with this was by getting storage containers (labeling them with my new fancy label maker) and then never having to worry if I was eating someone’s apples ever again...or using their ketchup!

They also keep your fridge neat and in order AND they’ll help you not overbuy food since the containers can only fit so much.

This is such a genius way to keep your food in order!

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5. Kitchen cabinet and counter shelves

With limited cabinet space, you must be resourceful in how you organize your dishes, cups, and even snack selection.

Simply throwing everything into a cabinet is not going to make your life easier, and since you don’t have the luxury of unlimited space you will need a surefire way to organize the things you do have.

Cabinet racks are a great solution, they nearly double the space you have by giving you extra shelves to put spices and smaller item stuff without having so much wasted space. 

These also work well on your counters if you need extra space there as well!

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6. Cleaning supplies over-door organizer

Cleaning supplies can take up a lot of room, and as we have already established, you just don’t have that space to be wasting.

Use this creative hack to keep your cleaning supplies easily accessible and all in one place. 

This is especially great if you have a closet dedicated to your cleaning supplies so you’re not chasing things around whenever you’re doing your dreaded cleaning tasks.

Apartment organization starts with the fundamentals, keeping all your belongings in order really makes a HUGE difference.

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7. Under-sink/cabinet turntable organizer

bathroom cabinet organization

Source: Clean Mama

The best way to maximize space, keep things organized, and save you stress, is to get under-sink turntable organizers per roommate. 

Storing things like lotion, hair products, amongst many other things you keep under your bathroom sink is inefficient and can get messy fast the second youre in a rush looking for something.

Turntable organizers eliminate this stress because rather than pull out everything under the sink looking for that one moisturizer, you can spin the table and find what you need immediately.

In other words, crisis averted. They also look lovely all neatly placed under the sink and make it appear less cluttered.

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8. Under-sink drawer organizer

under sink organization

If you’re not into the turntable idea, you can use drawer under-sink organizers. These can give you even more space and allow you to not be as anal about how you put things away.

These are great if you need a place to store your makeup, first-aid supplies, or miscellaneous other products.

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9. Over-toilet shelving system

College apartment bathrooms are always TINY. They make you miss the communal bathroom life because they were so big.

But a great way to maximize your space in your small bathroom is to utilize the space above the toilet.

A full shelving unit or just floating shelves can solve this problem. 

You can store towels, q-tips, hair products, even hair appliances on this shelving unit without it feeling too crowded or even ugly.

There are so many cute ways you can go about this project and it will free up your limited counter space you already have.

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10. Cabinet door organizing bins

This hack really makes a huge difference in the organization of your apartment.

I know I'm not the only one who's bathroom sinks look like they've exploded if I don't have a proper place for everything.

Once you mount these bins you can store a lot in them, especially pesky hairdryers and other hair appliances that seem to never have a permanent home.

Give this one a shot!

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11. Drawer containers

We have all been there, we have plans to make our drawers clean and organized when we’re first moving in, and then a month in we realize our organization skills have failed us yet again.

We’re just busy that’s all!

The best way to solve this problem is to just get drawer organizers to keep everything in its place. 

It’s easy to install, just pop them in the drawers and you’re done, now your drawers can stay neat and you can stop stressing about the messy drawer situation you always resort to.

Not on our watch. Apartment organization skills don't have to be complex, they actually need to just be simple and easy to implement.

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12. Rolling cart as a bedside table

rolling cart side table

Source: Homeyohmy

Bedside tables can be expensive, and they almost always only have two drawers max. 

If you need a little extra storage, use a rolling cart as your bedside table. 

These are great because you’re not limited to drawer space and they can look super cute if you design them right

Plus if you ever need to repurpose it down the road, you can easily do that since these carts are great just about anywhere.

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13. On desk organizer

desk organization

Source: Theincogneatist

What’s the one thing in your apartment that gets the messiest?

Mine has always been my desk.

I intend to keep it clean and then all of a sudden in the midst of studying for my exam and not having a place to put my things it seems to be the first that faces the tornado of my things.

A great way to solve this is by getting an on-desk organizer that gives everything a home. 

There’s space for your books, a pencil holder and random knick nacks you like to keep to remind you of home. 

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14. Floating shelves above your bed

Floating shelves above your bed is the best way to make your room look presentable and give your things a place to live without overcrowding your dresser.

You can use bookends and treat them as a bookshelf. Put any framed photographs on them. Get some plants. They can totally match your style no matter what you’re trying to do.

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16. Acrylic organizers for closet

Organizing your closet space should be a top priority. 

For me, if my closet isn’t organized, my whole room feels out of whack and that’s just not the way I like to live. 

Getting these organizing drawers can change this and make your stuff feel like it actually has a place rather than putting everything in one pile and thinking that’s gonna work….yup been there, done that.

Extra points if you label them!

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17. Clothes rack

When your closet space is small or rather even nonexistent a clothes rack is a perfect solution.

Not only are these so trendy right now and can be really cute, but they also are incredibly useful when you really need the extra space to hang up your favorite shirts and pants.

Just another apartment organization hack to make your space look instagram-worthy like this one!

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18. Shoe organization on the door

We know we told you that the shoe organizer over the door is a great solution...for cleaning products. But the traditional one doesn’t quite cut it in my opinion for actual shoes.

However, this bulkier one is a lot better and actually can store more shoes without worrying about it falling apart or even off the door! Win!

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19. Ladder shelf and blanket holder

Okay, I’m truly obsessed with these right now because they look so cute and they’re so useful!

You can use this to hang your blankets on in your living room or your bedroom without it looking too cluttered, and you can also use it as an additional shelf to put some plants, books, or photographs on. Or even your favorite perfumes and a salt lamp...because those are amazing for when you need to relax and unwind!

You can even use one of these in your bathroom if it’s big enough as a cute way to hang up towels and put other items on for extra storage! It really is so versatile 

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20. Adjustable drawer dividers

Before you let your drawers get out of hand, grab some of these adjustable organizers and find a place for everything.

These ones are easy to use and can make your life feel a little less cluttered.

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