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student taking notes in the library sitting by windows

Yes, No, Maybe: Should I Go to a Community College?

Going to a community college has its pros and cons but can often be the best choice for some students. Explore the advantages and disadvantages and see if it’s right for you.

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Student taking online classes

Successful Online Learning: Learning to Love It

Be successful with online learning, and learn to love it, by following some our easy tips and tricks.

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business professionals working around a table trying to complete a project

Your First Job Isn’t Your Dream Job? Here’s Why That’s Okay (and How You Can Change It)

You may not land your dream job at first. Follow these tips to discover how you can find the career you really want, even when you least expect it.

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college female sitting at her desk planning week in a planner

Why is Time Management Important in College (and How to Learn Those Skills)

Following these simple tips can improve your time management skills while you’re in college, and help you succeed academically – and in your career after graduation.

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college girl sitting on her couch talking to academic advisor

Transferring Schools? Here’s How to Transfer Your Credits to a Different College

Credits are often transferable if they’re from accredited schools, including online. Plan ahead by talking to your academic advisor. Even if your credits don’t transfer, you may have other options.

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coworkers communicating over a project they are working on

5 Life Skills You Absolutely Need After College (and How to Develop Them Now)

College is a time of change. You’re learning important life skills that will benefit you both professionally and personally in years to come. Here’s how to strategically develop those skills.

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college students sitting in a lecture listening to a professor

How To Create The Perfect Class Schedule in College

You have more control over your schedule now that you’re in college. Talk to your academic advisor about options. With their help, you’ll make sure you get what you want (and need), and graduate on time.

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student doing homework for their major

Should You Change Majors in College? Here’s What You Need to Know

Before you change your college major, learn everything you need to know about the process, timeline, and academic impact.

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3 college friends laughing and enjoying the sunshine at the beach

The Most Successful College Students Swear by These 5 Things

Want to know what the most successful college students are doing daily? Check out these 5 things that are helping college students get better grades and more bang for their buck out of college

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girl taking online classes on her laptop in bed

Can’t Take Classes On Campus? Here Are the Top Online Colleges

You may think taking a semester off makes the most sense because most colleges aren’t opening their doors for the fall semester, but you are much better off weathering online classes in the time being. Here’s why!

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