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3 college friends laughing and enjoying the sunshine at the beach

The Most Successful College Students Swear by These 5 Things

Want to know what the most successful college students are doing daily? Check out these 5 things that are helping college students get better grades and more bang for their buck out of college

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girl taking online classes on her laptop in bed

Can’t Take Classes On Campus? Here Are the Top Online Colleges

You may think taking a semester off makes the most sense because most colleges aren’t opening their doors for the fall semester, but you are much better off weathering online classes in the time being. Here’s why!

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two roommates chatting and laughing together

How to Pick Your Perfect College Roommate

Picking a college roommate is a big deal, you want to factor everything in before you decide to live with someone for just about a year. Here are some things you need consider when deciding on who you want to live with.

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college student writing a cover letter draft in a notebook

How to Write a Cover Letter in 8 Steps

In 8 steps, you can write a cover letter that will set you apart from other applicants to get the job or internship you want. Getting an internship is your ticket to getting a full-time job in your field after college.

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college student standing on apartment welcome mat

Dorm vs Apartment? How to Choose What’s Right For You

Learn more about dorm life and apartment living to decide which housing option is right for you.

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College student kayaking during the summer

How College Students Can Still Make the Most of Their Coronavirus Summer

Ways to get creative and make memories this summer during the coronavirus pandemic.

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high school senior girl filling out common application in bed

How to Fill Out the Common App: A Step-by-Step Guide

The Common Application is a free online application that serves as a one-stop process for prospective students to apply to more than 900 colleges and universities worldwide.   It was designed as a way to promote equity and access for all students in the college admission process. All these institutions listed on the platform have…

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college girl working at her internship

How to Get an Internship with No Experience

Internships during college can be a student’s best chance at getting a job right after graduation. In fact, the National Association of Colleges and Employers says they’re even better than co-op programs. A full 68% of interns are offered jobs, according to NACE’s 2020 Internship & Co-op Survey Report, compared to 42% of co-op students. …

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college male working on resume at a coffee shop

10 Resume Skills to List That College Students Can Learn Now

When it comes to skills to list on your resume, it’s not quite black and white. Every career has a vastly different skillset in terms of technical skills needed to do the job. The skills a doctor needs versus the ones a lawyer, marketing manager, or firefighter need are all completely different.    Some skills,…

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college girl standing in front of a mural on campus

10 Creative and Nontraditional College Majors

You never knew these majors existed! 10 nontraditional majors and programs offered by colleges around the world

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