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college male working on resume at a coffee shop

10 Resume Skills to List That College Students Can Learn Now

When it comes to skills to list on your resume, it’s not quite black and white. Every career has a vastly different skillset in terms of technical skills needed to do the job. The skills a doctor needs versus the ones a lawyer, marketing manager, or firefighter need are all completely different.    Some skills,…

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college girl standing in front of a mural on campus

10 Creative and Nontraditional College Majors

You never knew these majors existed! 10 nontraditional majors and programs offered by colleges around the world

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Best Packing Tips for College Students

Packing for college can get really overwhelming, but having a solid plan can save you time and sanity. Check out our favorite packing tips that you can use whenever you’re moving somewhere new

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zoom call in progress on a laptop doing a virtual internship

Virtual Internships: How to Find Them and the Benefits of Interning Online

Where to find virtual internships and how to be successful in one.

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books sitting on a table in a beautiful apartment

12 Best Books to Read This Summer

Whether you’ve always been a big reader or you’re trying to become one, a love of reading is one of the best gifts you can offer yourself. Reading is a great way to educate yourself and become a life-long learner even after you graduate from college. Reading over the summer offers another great benefit: it…

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College student frustated with taking online college classes

Top 7 Tips for Taking Online Classes Successfully

Tips and actionable ways to successfully take online classes whether you’re a freshman, grad student, or just a professional trying to navigate online education.

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macbok on a desk with airpods being utilized for studying online

4 Simple Study Tips for Online Classes

Simple tips for studying for online classes. Teaching you how to stay focused and on task to get the best grades possible.

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Boxes for moving

Moving to a College Dorm: College Freshman Checklist

The most extensive college freshman dorm room packing checklist of all time. Includes bonus content with what you should leave behind!

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Student studying for the SATs

Test Optional Colleges: List of Colleges NOT Requiring SAT Scores

A list of some of the Top Ranked test-optional and test- flexible schools for students to explore that will open up options for education.

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Student in dorm using laptop

6 Best Laptops for College Students

A comprehensive list of the most sought after computers for college students

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