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college friends cheers to friendsgiving

How to Host a Friendsgiving in College

Top tips to host a Friendsgiving that will be hard to beat.

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college girl working at on campus cafe

When to Apply for College: A Complete Timeline

A step-by-step timeline to help students and their families organize their applications and avoid missing crucial deadlines for college.

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college student opening a valentine outside

Valentine’s Day Survival Guide for College Students With Gift and Date Ideas

Things to do on Valentine’s Day when you’re single and when you’re not. Plus gift ideas for him and her, and how to ask your crush on a date. Everything you could ever need to survive Valentines Day in college

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happy black college student standing in his apartment

Dorm Room to Shared Apartment: 15 Easy Organizing Tips for Students

15 Simple tips to organize your apartment or small living space.

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College student wearing a mask studying for her exam

8 Ways To Maintain Your Grades During Coronavirus

Ways to help you maintain your grades and sanity as your college transitions to online learning unexpectedly.

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Person reviewing resume

New Employment Opportunities in COVID-Impacted World: A Comprehensive Report

Comprehensive coronavirus employment report

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siblings playing a board game to avoid boredom

25 Things to Do When You’re Bored at Home

A list of things that you can do to stay busy when boredom strikes and you’re stuck inside

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girl sitting at her desk at home taking online classes

How To Increase Productivity Taking Online Classes

With the world suddenly online, being productive at home is essential to be successful; especially for anyone taking online classes.   You should know that if you stay productive, you can get more done in less amount of time.   Wouldn’t you rather not be a slave to your computer? We’ve got you.   While…

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guy at laptop working on computer engineering

Highest Paying Bachelors Degrees 2020

Pssst. We’ve compiled a list of the highest paying Bachelors degrees of 2020, and we want to let you in on the jobs that are the most lucrative. We know it’s not all about money, but if these topics interest you at all, you should definitely consider them. Not only do these tend to be…

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girl listening to podcast on a walk

Best Podcasts For College Students

Why are podcasts becoming so popular these days? As a society, we have learned that we can be entertained 24/7, just by listening through our cellphones. Podcasts are easy to digest and can offer free knowledge and entertainment. But they’re also a secret weapon that will help you be successful in college and in life. …

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