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lesbian couple in love saying goodbye as they start a long distance relationship

How College Students Can Thrive in Long-Distance Romantic Relationships

By Stephanie Olsen

Maintaining a long-distance relationship while you’re in college is no easy task. We have some advice on how to navigate a long-distance romance and decide if it’s the right choice for you.

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two roommates chatting and laughing together

How to Pick Your Perfect College Roommate

By Becca Cornell

Picking a college roommate is a big deal, you want to factor everything in before you decide to live with someone for just about a year. Here are some things you need consider when deciding on who you want to live with.

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roommates sitting in the street laughing together

How to Survive Living with a College Roommate for the First Time

By Becca Cornell

Living with a roommate for the very fist time can be tough. Conflicts will arise, but by establishing your boundaries and communicating, we promise you’ll survive!

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college girl going for a run on campus

A Complete Guide to Staying Healthy, Fit, and Happy in College

By Becca Cornell

Some tips on how to maintain healthy eating and fitness habits that you can take with you all of your college career. You don’t need to overcomplicate it, you just need to follow this advice.

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college girl kayaking during the summer

How to Lose the Freshman 15 This Summer (Without Going to a Gym)

By Stephanie Olsen

A simple guide to losing the freshman 15 without a gym membership or crazy dieting.

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college girl using social media on her smartphone

How to Take a Social Media Detox: The Mini-Vacation You Deserve

By Renee Layberry

A social media detox can be the difference between living your best life or living in the shadows of the life everyone wishes they had. So what will you choose? Try detoxing social media and see just how much your life improves

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college student sleeping soundly in bed

How College Students Can Battle Insomnia During Uncertain Times

By Becca Cornell

How college students can determine what’s keeping them up at night and find ways to get more restful sleep during difficult times

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college student smiling enjoying his own company

5 Ways College Students Can Build Self-Confidence (and Why They Should)

By Asher Wu

Being a college student is tough. So challenging, in fact, that more than one-third of college students haven’t graduated after six years and 1 in 5 quit altogether. No one knows exactly why many of these kids drop out.   University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign professor Eboni Zamani-Gallaher puts it this way: “It’s not just…

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Meditation for anxiety

How College Students Can Reduce Anxiety Through Meditation

By Tallie Beaconsfield

The benefits of practicing meditation for anxiety in college students and the resources to accomplish it.

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Student during a therapy session

Top Mental Health Challenges Facing College Students

By Sarah Reese

Identify the signs and symptoms of the top two most common mental health challenges facing college students: anxiety and depression.

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