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The hustle and the burnout culture: Why you’re better off not feeding into it

By Becca Cornell

If you’re apart of the generation that’s currently in college or have just graduated chances are high that you went through your elementary, middle school and high school days striving to get the very best grades, participate and be the best in sports, and pad your extracurriculars; filling your time until it was bursting and…

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How to be keto in college

By Marissa Daniel

So you want to try the keto diet on a college budget? Well, you’re in luck, we have come up with this quick and easy guide to saving money while on the keto diet. And as a disclaimer, they aren’t that hard! The biggest struggle with dieting while in college is a lot of them…

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the top bingeworthy netflix shows to watch on your laptop

Bingeworthy Netflix shows

By Minji Kim

Let’s face it, you don’t have time to scroll through Netflix to find the next show you’re going to glue yourself to your couch (read: bed) for. That’s why we came up with a list of the hottest and most bingeworthy Netflix shows right now! Check them out As college students, I think it’s inevitable…

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two people on a date sitting at a table drinking coffee

The best date ideas on a college budget

By Marissa Daniel

Dating in college is pretty much inevitable. Unless you’ve pledged to be single for the tenor of your college career… But coming up with date ideas can be hard when you’re on a college budget and likely your brain is fried from studying. In the land of millennials and technology, that facetime is harder to…

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