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person giving a white elephant gift

Great Gift Ideas on a Student Budget

What better way to save money during the holidays than to do a white elephant gift exchange with your friends. Here are the official rules of a white elephant exchange and also some ideas for every budget.

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two roommates chatting and laughing together

How to Pick Your Perfect College Roommate

Picking a college roommate is a big deal, you want to factor everything in before you decide to live with someone for just about a year. Here are some things you need consider when deciding on who you want to live with.

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two people on a date sitting at a table drinking coffee

The Best Date Ideas On A College Budget

Dating in college is pretty much inevitable, unless you’ve pledged to be single for the tenure of your college career. But coming up with date ideas can be hard when you’re on a college budget, and likely your brain is fried from studying. In the land of millennials and technology, face time is harder to…

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